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Baxter Marine Group Reorganizes and Names New President


Baxter Marine Group reorganizes its operating companies, WheelHouse, Vessel Vanguard, SeaKits and TruPlug under the WheelHouse Technologies brand. Combined, these seasoned and well-respected products and services support thousands of military, commercial and recreational vessels across the globe. The combined power of these platforms allows for the continued evolution of the world’s premier Marine Maintenance Management software and Damage Control products.

The company also announces the promotion of Karl Fischer to President of WheelHouse Technologies. Karl brings thirty years of Fortune 100 experience in product innovation and delivery to an already experienced team.

Craig Parkhust, Chief Strategy Officer, has been an integral part of the WheelHouse brand since inception. Craig will also be responsible for overseeing the SeaKits brand and the manufacturing of its products. Ian Morris has been named Vice President of Operations. He has been at WheelHouse for over five years and has an extensive career supervising the construction of yachts and managing them.

“The proof of this winning combination of industry expertise and large-scale innovation is the delivery of WheelHouse 7.0 this summer,” said April Stercula, WheelHouse CEO. “In less than six months after acquiring WheelHouse, the team has been able to deliver a state-of-the-art platform that is wowing customers in beta.” Karl adds, “As the marine industry continues to evolve, we want a platform that can grow with it. Our WheelHouse 7.0 platform brings top line features and functionality to the industry. Our platform will pay for itself in less than a year and deliver not only a safer boating experience but a more cost-effective means to manage maintenance.”

Rick Heine, Chairman of Baxter Marine Group, added “Karl is the perfect person to lead this team. His dedication to excellence, commitment to his team and customers will have a huge positive impact on WheelHouse Technologies and the marine industry at large.”

About Baxter Marine Group
Baxter Marine Group was founded in 2021 by Rick Heine and April Stercula along with the leadership team that revolutionized maintenance, inventory, and compliance software in the aviation industry. The mission of the company is to expand and strengthen marine maintenance management and safety capabilities for commercial, military charter, and recreational boat owners and operators.

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