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Baxter Marine Group Subsidiary SeaKits Acquires TruPlug


Baxter Marine Group subsidiary SeaKits, the premier provider of Damage Control solutions in the marine industry, announced today the acquisition of TruPlug, the manufacturer of the modern alternative to wooden emergency plugs. TruPlug is used by military and commercial vessels in some of the most demanding environments on the planet. TruPlug is an essential element in damage control preparedness.

Henry Goldman, the company’s founder and product inventor explains, “TruPlug has been an invaluable tool for commercial, recreational and military vessels for over ten years. If you consider a 2-inch hole in your boat, one foot below the waterline would fill a 55 gallon drum in as little as 40 seconds, stopping the water flow is essential. That makes TruPlug a must-have item on board any vessel. I am delighted to pass on TruPlug’s success and reputation to a company that is committed to safety in the marine industry.”

“We are very pleased to add TruPlug to the SeaKits Damage Control suite of products,” said April Stercula, Baxter CEO. “Henry’s commitment to safety on the water is a testament to the quality of the TruPlug brand.”

About Baxter Marine Group 
Baxter Marine Group was founded in 2021 by Rick Heine and April Stercula along with the leadership team that revolutionized maintenance, inventory, and compliance software in the aviation industry. The mission of the company is to expand and strengthen marine maintenance management and safety capabilities for commercial, military charter, and recreational boat owners and operators.

About SeaKits 
SeaKits, a subsidiary of Baxter Marine Group, provides boat operators with an industry-best Damage Control Kit, ensuring optimal safety while on the water. With rugged durability and a comprehensive suite of products, every SeaKit guarantees operators will never be unprepared, no matter the situation.

About TruPlug 
TruPlug, formerly a Division of Artelier Studio LLC, was founded by Henry Goldman, a US Coast Guard veteran who has been serving in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary for the last twenty years. TruPlug has been tested and proven to mediate leaks by thousands of boaters, first responders and government agencies.

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